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"Prayer Group""Camouflaged Zebra""In His Own Little World""In Her Own Little World""But, I'm Not Sleepy""Sun-Kissed Flower""Ruby Reds""Misty Morning""Duck Hunter""Your Brothers Salute You"
Brevard Watercolor Society’s Annual Splash Show:
2020 - Second Place for “Prayer Group”
2019 - Merit Award for Most Creative for “Camouflaged Zebra”
2016 - Merit Award for “In His Own Little World”
2014 - First place for “In Her Own Little World”
2012 - Merit Award for “But I’m Not Sleepy”
2010 - Merchandising Award for “Sun-kissed Flower” 

Art and Antique Gallery “Shades of Red” Exhibit:
2018 (Oct) - Judge’s Choice for “Ruby Reds

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge Annual Show sponsored by the
Brevard Watercolor Society:
2015 - Second Place for “Misty Morning”
2013 - Merit Award for “Duck Hunting

Vietnam and All Veterans of Brevard, Inc
2018 - “Your Brothers Salute You” was donated to and made a permanent part
of the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall and continually tours the United States.